NFL Star Jeffery Simmons hosts 2nd annual fun day in Macon

MACON, Miss. (WCBI)- The community of Macon showed their support for an NFL Star.

It was the 2nd annual “Community Fun Day and Fireworks” held at the Noxubee Titans Field.

The “Community Fun Day and Fireworks” event was filled with unity from the Macon community.

The turnout impressed the NFL star, Jeffery Simmons.

As the host of the event, Simmons said this year’s turnout was bigger and better than his first time hosting the event last year.

“It’s what we need at the end of the day, that’s the main goal for me is to keep pushing positivity no matter what,” Simmons said. “Because at the end of the day once we all come together as one we can all be one and push for a positive goal.”

There were food vendors, live performances, and plenty of outdoor activities for the kids.

Simmons said he wants the youth to have great resources around them.

“What can we do to keep the kids motivated, what can we do to keep the kids’ self-esteem high,” Simmons said. “Because as we know these kids are so smart these days like they pick up on everything. So, how can we keep promoting the good and not always seeing someone in a casket or whatever that may be. But, that’s my goal. I just want don’t want the kids to go through what I went through as a kid, I want to try to keep bringing more and more to Noxubee county.”

Simmons said community events can also inspire young athletes to give back when they can.

Noxubee County Senior quarterback, Kamario Taylor said that giving is always wanted in the area.

“For me I’ve always been the type of person who want to give back like if I got something and I know someone needs it, I am going to give it to them,” Taylor said. “But this is just greatness, this is a good thing to just seethe community get these types of things because we don’t really get too much around here. So, what big Jeff doing it just bring a joy to the community.”

Jeffery Simmons is set to host his annual youth football camp July 12 and 13.

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