Non-profit dive team that helps solve cold cases visits Lowndes County

LOWNDES COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI) – The dive team that found the submerged car have a unique mission.

They help families search for missing loved ones and sometimes bring closure to those families.

Before Jacob Grubbs puts on his diving suit and goes in the water, his mission starts with a conversation.

“Talking with the families, it is extremely difficult but I know if it was my family I would want somebody doing the same thing for me,” said Grubbs.

Grubbs founded Chaos Divers to help solve cold cases across the eastern U.S.

He has a boat and a drone but this tool, which looks like a floating cooler, can solve a lot of mysteries.

“Dennis Waters, from Team Waters, he invented this boat, and this boat has a sonar on it that we can travel in the waters and search if I can’t get my big boat in,” said Grubbs.

Chaos Divers rely on donations, along with clicks on their social media channels to pay for the search operations. The dive teams provide the service for free to law enforcement and families of the missing.

They usually search a five-mile radius of where the missing person was last seen, and the southern Illinois-based non-profit has been busy.

“In the past year, we have brought home 13 people. Ranging from being missing for 23 years to six days only in the water,” said Grubbs.

While the teams go underwater in search of answers, many times they bring something else to the surface for families.

“With being able to bring those people home, it’s a blessing to give answers. It’s never closure because you never know what happened to them, but at least now they can lay their loved one to rest without having to wonder where they are every night,” said Grubbs.

The family of the missing person declined an on-camera interview because of an ongoing investigation.

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