North Mississippi water treatment facilities change disinfectant

NORTH MISSISSIPPI (WCBI) – A change in disinfectant for water treatment in North Mississippi may affect dialysis patients.

A notice from the Northeast Mississippi Regional Water Supply District informed customers that chloramines will be used as a disinfectant beginning tomorrow.

This change is of critical importance for customers who use home dialysis units. Free chlorine and chloramine can affect kidney dialysis patients during the dialysis process if the chlorine is not removed from the water being used.

The notice says the process of removing chloramine from the water is slightly different from the process used to remove chlorine. Dialysis machines may require modification or adjustment for free chlorine removal.

Dialysis patients should contact their physicians for specific information regarding how to accommodate the change in the water supply disinfectant.

The water associations affected are listed below:

  • Tombigbee Water Association
  • Dorsey Water Association
  • Town of Mantachie
  • City of Fulton
  • City of Tupelo
  • Cason Water Association
  • City of Saltillo
  • First section of the North Lee Water Association (approximately 300 customers off of Highway 348)
  • Brewer Water Association
  • Industrial parks in Verona and Baldwyn

Water systems served will gradually transition back to chloramine disinfection in the next several days.

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