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Noxubee County, MS (WCBI) — In support of the Emergency 911 system Noxubee County Supervisors with assistance from the Golden Triangle Planning Development District are implementing physical changes to addresses in three cities and throughout the county. As part of the process post cards have been mailed out to residents there.

In Noxubee County there is an address conversion process going on. A revamping of an address system making it better with quicker response time for emergency responders.

“If you got a senior citizen living in the house, you got young kids or you got a person on oxygen or in a wheel chair. Give that information so that when our emergency people respond, they know whats going to be there on the scene before they arrive,” said Bruce Brooks, Noxubee County Supervisor.

“A person will still receive their mail for one year at the old address. The new addresses that’s being implemented, it will still be on your envelope. The old and the new address for one year,” added Brooks.

Newly elected Circuit Clerk Freda Phillips is applauding the mail out postcards letting residents know whats coming.

“Our office will only be effected with, during the jury summons for the court term which will be March and September. But March will not be a problem, the problem probably will arise in September,” said Phillips.

Phillips and Brooks are warning and reminding residents not to throw away the post card received in the mail.

“That’s in order to help 911 calls in for accidents, murder, killings, shootings, whatever the situation may be. Plus the data base that they have now, the home that is sitting at that address they can automatically see the picture of that house,” said Phillips.

“And we are overlapping that with the tax assessor, making sure that each parcel is being fairly assessed,” said Brooks.

The major concern is that people will not pay attention to the card and throw it away.

Any errors found on the card should be reported by phone or email to the Golden Triangle Planning Development District.  662-320-2013,

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