Video: Noxubee Family Searching For Missing Elderly Man


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NOXUBEE COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI) — “Everything is just at a dead end, we haven’t come up with anything.”

Vernessa Foote and her sister Brindle Gregory have been worried sick. Their father, 72-year-old James McLeod, who is know around town as “Sonny,” hasn’t been seen since Tuesday.

“My mother was the last one to see him that morning. She had a doctors appointment at 8 a.m. and she left home around 7 a.m.  She gave him his medication and breakfast. She saw him laying in the bed and went on to the doctor’s appointment. When she came back around 11 a.m., he was not here and all of the lights and the doors were open,” said Sonny’s daughter Vernessa Foote.

Sonny typically walks from his home on Allen Bend Road to visit his siblings and stores in Macon. But after several hours went by, a typical day quickly turned into fear.

“He wasn’t back at his normal time of being home around 3pm or 4pm. He’s typically not out after dark. And somebody would usually pick him up or bring him back home or he’ll walk back home but he wasn’t there,” said Foote.

Sonny’s daughters say it’s not uncommon for their father to walk up and down their gravel road. He’s been living there for more than 40 years. But the terrain is creating a problem with the search. It’s heavily wooded and about 10 miles away from Highway 45.

“We searched the woods, the road, and then we even had boats that had to get in the water. Just in case to double check and make sure we covered all of our basis,” said Noxubee County Sheriff Terry Grassaree.

The Noxubee County Sheriff’s Department, along with MEMA and Fire and Rescue teams surrounding counties searched for miles. But still, they’ve come up with very few leads.

A lady in this area saw him walking the road around 10:30am headed towards town, which town is West of here. Then around noon he was spotted at the shell station in Macon by two gentlemen. Right now we’re just thinking he wandered off, but of course you’ve got to always leave the anticipation for anything can happen,” said Sheriff Grassaree.

Vernessa and Brindle are clinging to hope that someone comes forward with answers about their elderly father.

” If you’ve seen him or know where he is or anything, did you pick him up, did you drop him off please just let us know,” said Foote.

” He has suffered an aneurysm in the past so he’s on high blood pressure medication and other medicines and we need him to come back home,” said Gregory.

Sonny was last seen wearing blue jeans, a jacket and a hat.

If you know anything, please contact the Noxubee County Sheriff’s Department at  662-726-5133.

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