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OKOLONA, Miss. – (WCBI) In recent years Columbus, Macon, Pontotoc, and other cities have crafted vicious animal ordinances. Several months ago Okolona city officials put in place an ordinance covering various animals and pets like horses, goats, hogs, and dogs of course.

“Where for example pit bull dogs and vicious animals you got to have insurance you got to have them penned up. You can no longer have your dog tied to a tree. And this is one of many changes,” said Okolona City Attorney Gene Barton.

The new amended provision has to do with adding some wording to cover animals and pets that are a nuisance to one’s neighbor.

“We made a minor change from where there was a limitation of three household pets to changing that to where your animal can’t be a nuisance,” said Barton.

The word “nuisance” is key, it has to do with barking, inadequate space between neighbors, and more.

“On the other hand one person might have four pets in the house. Nobody hears anything, there are no complaints,” said Barton.

This ordinance, stopping just short of banning aggressive dogs from the city limits, very well might not be the final draft to what the city feels is adequate.

“We’ve, like I said we’ve passed an annexation ordinance, we’ve passed a redistricting ordinance, and  we’ve passed an animal control ordinance. And sometimes you look at the ordinance after you’ve passed it and you’ve got to make minor changes and thats what we’ve done,” said Barton.

While there is no ban on pit bulls, the maximum fine for violation of a vicious animal provision could be up to $1,000 and a year in jail for each violation.


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