Ole Miss assistant coach Carl Lafferty is key to pitching success

Photo credit: Ole Miss Athletics

Ole miss baseball has been dominant throughout the post season and a big reason for the miraculous run has been assistant coach Carl Lafferty who has been with the pitching staff every step of the way.

Ole miss has a rich history of pitchers and Lafferty has been an integral part of that history since he joined the coaching staff at his alma mater in 2007.

“Obviously being an alum anywhere and being able to coach there is unique, especially the way coaches move around so I’ve been very fortunate and blessed,” Lafferty said.

It may not be well known but Lafferty is one of the biggest reasons for the development of so many star pitchers.

“It’s unfortunate because carl works under me and is our recruiting coordinator and I work with the pitchers so it kind of overshadows what he does and that’s a shame because he really is the guy, day to day that is with them,” head coach Mike Bianco said.

And his track record speaks for itself, 36 rebel pitchers have gone on to play professional baseball with Lafferty instilling one common trait into them all.

“It’s belief, I think the best guys, the best pros and the best big leaguers have an unwavering unshakable belief in themselves,” Lafferty said. “It doesn’t mean that they can’t get discouraged or have tough times but when you really cut them open there is a true belief in themselves.”

He won’t take much of the credit.

“Their successes are their successes I don’t throw a pitch, I don’t stand out there and get anybody out and I think what you see is the maturation process in each of them,” Lafferty said.

But his players won’t hesitate to give it to him.

“They are like father figures to us they are guys who we go to when we have issues with anything,” pitcher Derek Diamond said. “We spend hours and hours with these guys every week, they are our academic advisors they are our baseball coaches they are our position coaches.”

“He’s had so much confidence in me the whole time and so much belief that he’s made me believe and made me just super ultra confident,” pitcher Hunter Elliott said. “I don’t think I’d be here without him.”

Lafferty is at home at Ole Miss and will continue doing what he does best, finding talented arms and doing everything he can to help them reach their potential.

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