One teen is found, another one is still missing in Winston County

WINSTON COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI) – The Silver Alert issued for Winston County resident William Harrell last night has been canceled.

He was found safe Tuesday morning.

The sheriff’s department along with several other agencies searched an area near his home. Harrell was found after he took shelter in a deer stand for the night.

Another search for a missing person continues in and around Louisville.

Montevious Goss has been missing for nearly two weeks.

While one family was reunited with their missing loved one, another is still waiting for answers.

Our Kealy Shields was on the scene when missing teen William Harrell was found.

His family said it was one of the scariest days of their lives.

Montevious Goss’s family is still living with that fear.

Harrell’s grandmother, Helen Harlan, said what was going through her head when they were unable to find her grandson.

“I’m glad they found him when they did because I thought they were going to find him dead this morning,” said Harlan.

Volunteers were out searching for Harrell late last night and early this morning.

Harrell left home barefoot. They knew he wouldn’t have been able to travel far and that he would be freezing with the cold temperatures.

Volunteer Allan Barnett spotted the teen.

“I went in a road that the sheriff told me to go check and I went into it and got almost to a guys’ field where he hunted and he (Harrell) stayed the night in a shooting house last night. He had just got down and was trying to find help,” said Barnett.

Sheriff Jason Pugh said this type of operation takes a lot of cooperation.

“To the volunteers who were out with us late last night, our search and rescue teams, the dog teams that came out last night and worked with us, and our drone pilot. We had a tremendous response and we are so tickled we have this young man back with us,” said Pugh.

Meanwhile, the Louisville Police Department is still actively searching for missing teen Montevious Goss.

Police Chief Sean Holdiness said that finding Goss is their main mission right now.

His officers have been continuously searching for the teen and seeking help from other agencies.

“He is the top priority. Not just because of him personally but because of his mother and his family; they are just worried sick about him. We have worked many long hours and have gone out in the county for leads that we have had,” said Chief Holdiness.

If you have any information on Goss, call 911 or the Louisville Police Department.

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