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PHILADELPHIA, Miss. (WCBI)- In America, most people become sexually active by the age of 17. It’s no secret that teens often have trouble realizing the consequences of their actions.

Kodi Wright’s mother had her when she was only 17. And Alisha Sifuentes is a teen mom herself. Together they provide powerful perspectives on the issue of teen pregnancy.

“It’s more than just having a baby, you have to take care of it and its more than just taking care of the baby. You have to take care of yourself,” said Kodi Wright.

They’re been traveling the state sharing their stories and trying to inform teens of the risks and hardships associated with young motherhood.

“In 1995 it wasn’t as common as it is now, so it’s always been a strong passion for me just to help other people because I know what my mom went through,” added Wright.

The girls are a part of the group ” Healthy Teens for a Better Mississippi”. For their project last year they chose to compete in community awareness and made teenage pregnancy their topic. They placed 3rd on the national level.

One out of every ten teenagers will get pregnant in Mississippi in a year, and it’s not as glamorous as reality shows like MTV’s teen mom perceives it.

“I’m a teen mom myself so… Seeing the hardships that I went through, the difficulties, I was like I do not want any other teenager going through this,” said Alisha Sifuentes.

Alisha got pregnant at 15, her son Tanner is now two but she says she doesn’t regret her decision; she just wishes she would of waited.

“Just going to school, tired , exhausted, having a sick baby, trying to do homework, it wasn’t easy at all,” added Sifuentes.

“We want the youth of Mississippi to understand their actions, we want them to know what they’re doing before that they do it,” said Wright.

Both girls look forward to making a difference in their community.

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  • Renee Burt

    I wish everyone could hear these young ladies story.. If you ever get a chance to talk to them, they have a great message..I am so proud of them and the stand they are making..

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