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Pickle Ball. It is kind of a mix between ping pong and tennis. The game is suited for all ages and much of its attraction is that it is a low impact sport that is easier on the joints than sports such as tennis.

“It’s like a family game you can bring your grandchildren out and your friends. It’s just a lot of fun” said Yvonne Barron a Columbus resident and Pickle Ball player.

“Years ago it was in just thirteen states now it’s in all fifty states and countries around the world” said Pickle Ball enthusiast Dave Barron.

Elm Lake Golf Course in Columbus MS has recently installed a Pickle Ball court and patrons can get paddles from the clubhouse.

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  • Dave

    Actually the article above states the paddles are for rent. We are not charging to play pickleball and the paddles and balls may be checked out from the clubhouse for free. You do not have to be a member. Especially now during the Winter the court is rarely used, but there are still some days in the Winter when the weather is fairly nice. If anyone would like to play, even if you have never played before give me a call 3284863 and I will be happy to meet you out at the court and introduce you to this new sport. Pickleball rocks.

  • David Barron

    Looking for others who would like to play or beginners who would like to try it out. There is no cost and the paddles and balls may be checked out for free in the clubhouse. There is no charge even though the article above stated there was. The court is hardly being used in the winter but there are till some good weather days even in the Winter. I will be happy to introduce you to this new sport even if you have never played before. Give me a buzz. 3284863

  • David Barron

    Our pickle ball court was started in Sept 2012 and we do not charge anyone to use it even though the article above states the paddles are for rent. There is currently no charge to play or to check out paddles and balls. We are trying to promote pickleball in this area, and invite yo to come out and play for free. You do not have to be a member of the golf course, nor do you have to have a member present. Just come to the club house and check out the paddles and balls at no charge. Or, call me and I will play just about any day as I am retired, live on the course and love pickle ball. I amy willing to help someone who just wants to try out the game and has never played before, or will play with anyone who just needs another player. We had about 50 people try it befoe Winter set in, but now that Winter is here the court is hardly used. However, there are still some nice days even in the Winter. Just call me if you want to play, or to learn. Or just come out and play. my e-mail is barrond8047@yahoo.com or call me at 662-328-4863. I live on the golf course and our pickleball court is set up near the club house.

  • Gin Snetz

    I moved from Mississippi in 2010 to Saint Louis MO where pickleball is played at most all community centers, some fitness centers and church basements.

    I’ll soon be back in the Brandon area for a couple months and hope somewhere in the area Pickleball will be played so I can continue in the fun sport. It’s extremely good cardiac and respiratory exercise, good for balance and good exercise for the brain as you have to keep up with scores, individuals place on each team (if you play doubles), rules, etc. – lots of seniors in other states are doing it and in 2015 there will be a Senior Pickleball Olympic Tournament in Minneapolis/St. Paul MN area.

    C’mon, MS let’s get up off the sofa and burn some calories! Turn off the tv, set those phones aside and get this fun and competitive sport going not only for the good of the seniors and school children but for ages in-between as well.

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