Pilgrimage Jubilee of Homes opens up opportunity for diverse learning

COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) – Columbus has one of the best collections of historic homes in this part of the state, and for decades the Spring Pilgrimage has given owners the chance to show them off to visitors.

This year the Pilgrimage has a new name and an expanding focus.

Visitors have new opportunities to see a bigger picture of the Friendly City’s history.

Columbus’s Spring Pilgrimage is now The Jubilee of Homes.

The familiar tour of the city’s well-preserved Antebellum homes is still the big draw, but organizers are now featuring a fuller vision of its history and people.

This year along with the home tours, visitors can also join in lunch and learn events to find out about the significance of different Columbus Communities.

One of that lunch and learn sites is also one of Columbus’ favorite lunch spots, Helen’s Kitchen.

Owner Helen Karriem says she is grateful to be able to share the history of her hometown and neighborhood.

“I feel Honored. I’m very thankful and I’ve been here almost 34 years and we’ve had a number of things. there’s always something to learn. you never get too old to learn. there’s nothing like cooking that old fashion way,” Said Karriem.

State Representative, Kabir Karriem, who is also Miss Helen’s son, is pleased with the Jubilee’s expanded view of the city’s history.

“Today for me was really good because we brought some of the city over to our neighborhood and we talked about some of the cultural and historical and cultural things that go on like the 7th avenue festival and talk about the historical significance of 7th avenue is one of the only African American business districts that black folks did business on. Today was a lunch with a purpose because people got to hear about 7th avenue,” said Karriem.

Karriem says 7th avenue will always be a part of history and an important part of his and many other people’s lives.

And he’s eager to share that with neighbors and visitors.

“I can’t be more grateful for that because we all have a story to tell and this history of 7th avenue is Columbus history and it all fits into the narrative and I’m just hoping that this lunch today with this diverse crowd and this diverse group of individuals see the need to help revitalize this area. This is a good day for Columbus and this area over here on 7th avenue,” said Karriem.

It’s not too late The Jubilee of Homes continues through April 16th.

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