Pinching pennies: how people are changing Thanksgiving traditions

STARKVILLE Miss. (WCBI) – Thanksgiving dinner is expected to take a bigger bite out of your wallet this year.

With the steady rise in food prices, many people are considering options like catering or eating out.

High food prices are driving many people to look at non-traditional options for their traditional holiday meals.

And one that’s showing promise could help you save some time by leaving it to the pros.

Owner David Wilkerson of Starkville-based Brian Michale’s Catering talked about the other options on the table.

“I’d say price and convenience. When you have to go to the grocery store you have to buy all this stuff and you’re not necessarily going to use all the ingredients you buy. You’re going to have a lot of leftovers, so you end up spending a lot of money. It is a little bit cheaper to come with us and not have all the waste and products sitting around at the house. Convenience-wise people don’t want to spend all week preparing Thanksgiving dinner for a one-hour meal that they’ve worked on for a week, ” said Wilkerson.

Brian Michael’s Catering is in full swing prepping holiday meals.

They will see about 200 to 300 orders.

“As soon as Halloween ends Thanksgiving starts. We see a big uptick and the phone doesn’t stop ringing for people calling in Thanksgiving orders for turkeys, dressings, and casseroles. We do it all across the board Thanksgiving-wise,” said Wilkerson.

Even the caterers are feeling the pinch of higher grocery prices, but they said they’re committed to serving up the best meal for your budget.

“Prices are up across the board I would say food prices are up around 30 percent. We have not changed our prices much over the 10 years we’ve been doing this or however long we have been doing this. It’s been longer than 10. We haven’t changed much we’ve gone up a little bit this year, but I would say it’s still fairly priced, ” said Wilkerson.

If plans change last minute or you end up burning the turkey, Brian Michaels said they can take orders on short notice.

“24- to 48 hours is ideal. I’ve done stuff in less and I will. so if I can I will,” said Wilkerson.

The last day to place an order for the holiday season is the day before Thanksgiving

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