Pizza Companies Gear Up For Super Bowl Rush

COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI)- If you aren’t wanting to do all of the cooking, pizza is probably a part of part of your day as you watch the Super Bowl.

For pizza companies that could mean continuous around the clock work.

With the phones ringing off the hook, Super Bowl Sunday marks a different kind of Game Day for pizza companies like Papa John’s.

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“Oh yes, this is definitely the Black Friday of pizza companies,” Papa John’s shift leader Sarah Collier said.

Workers said this day is known to be crazy and hectic, which is why everyone is hands on.

“Last night we had a lot of people in to plan ahead their orders to order today so that they can go ahead and get their pizza order and we already know with these people and the people calling in today, it’s gone be hectic,” Papa John’s employee Austin Jacobs said.

Workers said they have been preparing for this hectic day since the beginning of the year.

“We started preparing, we currently have more boxes in the store than dough, some prepared on getting everything put up and really, everyone knows their role, what they gotta do and we plan to get it done efficiently,” Jacobs said.

The store has already seen its fair share of business on this Super Bowl Sunday, and they expect things to get even crazier as the day progresses.

“We’re thinking 300 to 400 pizzas maybe,” Collier said.

And to help make everything go smoothly they decided to bring in extra help.

“We have one person that does dough, or two people who do dough and then we have three on the make line making the pizzas and then we’ll have a few on the phones, and a few on the over and then our delivery drivers,” Collier said.

And while things may be hectic, workers said Super Bowl Sunday is also a big revenue generator.

“We see a big increase in revenue from a normal night or from a normal big Friday night and Saturday night, we’ll see a big increase,” Jacobs said.