Plans move forward to repair stretch of road by Columbus Chick-fil-A

COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) – Drivers in Columbus will soon have a smoother ride to lunch.

If your dinner plans in Columbus include Chick-fil-A, you probably know the pain of trying to get there.

For years, the pot-hole-plagued street that runs beside the popular eatery has been an obstacle course for people trying to get their chicken tender fix without wrecking the suspension on their cars.

Columbus city leaders have been hearing the complaints, and a deal has been reached that should provide a long-term fix.

The city has come to an agreement with the owners of Magnolia Place Shopping Center, who also own the worst stretch of the drive.

Work is set to begin on remilling and repaving the street, making it smoother and safer.

“The good news is, too, is that once this is complete; once he has his side of the road up to standards, we’re in negotiations with him for the city to take this portion back over, so we won’t ever have this kind of issue again, in where we’re trying to deal with somebody in the private sector to do what they need to get done,” said Mayor Keith Gaskin.

The tentative start date for the project is May 30.

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