‘Polar pipes’: Advice for managing pipes during cold weather

COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) – You may think leaving the water running is money down the drain, but the owner of Klutts Plumbing, Justin Klutts, said it could help save you time and money.

“If it freezes, there’s a pretty good chance that the pipes are gonna burst and break which could possibly flood your home,” said Klutts.

With your water pipes at risk of freezing this winter, Klutts said it’s important to protect your pipes so they don’t end up broken or frozen.

“I would suggest making sure all your foundation vents are covered or insulated to keep all the cold temperatures out from under the house. Any outdoor plumbing, waterlines, spigots that are exposed to the elements you want to make sure you protect them and cover them with insulation or whatever you can,” said Klutts.

Along with dripping your faucets, covering vents, and opening the cabinets, Klutts said there is new technology to help protect the plumbing when it freezes.

“There are emergency valves, we install them on the main line and they hook to your internet, and they will automatically shut your water off. Other than just keeping an eye on things and knowing exactly where your cutoffs are to your house, and your main water valves and such. So, you can kill it quickly before it causes a bunch of crazy damage,” said Klutts.

Taking those preventative measures can be especially important if you’re away from your home for extended periods.

Klutts said if you’re experiencing problems due to the cold weather it’s a good idea to call a professional.

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