Police continue to investigate a hit-and-run that left one person dead

COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) – A hit-and-run incident in Columbus has left one person dead.

The accident occurred on Monday around midnight on 7th Avenue North near 21st Street North.

Police say a middle-aged man was struck by a dark-colored or black car.

Police are asking anyone who notices a car with recent damage to the front end or a broken windshield to contact them.

Law enforcement is still gathering information that left one person dead after a hit-and-run.

While on the scene of the accident, law enforcement found pieces of what could be the missing vehicle.

Captain Rick Jones of the Columbus Police Department said more about the investigation and how to avoid cases like this from happening.

“Right now we have an active investigation and we’re asking the public if anybody saw anything, please contact the Columbus Police Department, call crime stoppers or they can even use the crime stoppers PD app,” said Jones.

Captain Jones said that street cameras have been helpful in past investigations.

They expect the cameras will play a big role in finding the person who caused this accident.

“We’re looking at all this video footage and trying to see if something comes up that might assist us with that this investigation. The city has been purchasing cameras and putting them in areas and that has been very instrumental in our investigations. Not only are they good qualities but they have a good sound to them so we can actually hear people talking we can actually hear gunshots and count them,” said Jones.

If you do find yourself involved in an accident, Assistant District Attorney Collen Hudson said you should remember a few simple things.

Stop, swap information, render assistance if needed, and wait on law enforcement.

“In the state of Mississippi if you’re involved in an accident you must either stop and stay there until you can meet all the requirements or return there quickly as you can thereafter, ” said Hudson.

And in cases like this, Hudson said to not let the fear of hitting someone cause you to leave the scene.

Accidents happen and it is better to help the police with the investigation rather than being the investigation.

“Accidents do happen and sometimes if you hit someone like I said you may not have been negligent or had any ill will when the accident takes place. The way our law is even if you are not at fault and you leave you violated that law of leaving the scene of an accident and you can be held criminally responsible,” said Hudson.

The victim of the accident has yet to be identified.

If you have any information contact Columbus Police Department at (662) 244-3500 or Crime Stoppers at (662) 494-0109.

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