Pontotoc Co. parent comes up with unique fundraiser for choir

Grateful Vikings t shirts are being sold to raise money for the North Pontotoc Attendance Center's Viking Voices choir

ECRU, MISS. (WCBI) – With the start of school right around the corner, teachers and students are gearing up for extracurricular activities, but money is always an issue for many schools.

One parent in Pontotoc County is doing what she can to help raise money for the choir program.

Sam Baldwin wanted to do something to help Viking Voices, the middle school and high school choir program at the North Pontotoc Attendance Center.

“This is just me, a mom, all by myself, on my own, I see a need, and I just want to fill it,” Baldwin said.

Her daughter Lana is in Viking Voices so Sam put her artistic talents to work, and came up with a design for a t-shirt.

“Thinking about choir, music, that started a chain reaction, of concert t-shirts, that’s something I love and enjoy,” she said.

She created a rubber stamp for her design, called “Grateful Vikings.”  The shirts cost $18.  Sam uses second-hand shirts for the Grateful Vikings shirts.  People can drop shirts off at “Bookends” a gift shop in downtown Pontotoc.

Sam has a big goal to help meet big needs.

“Our goal is at least $3,000, if not more, we have to take care of risers, microphones, we need to help our youth have attire for concerts, travel fees, the sky is the limit, and until I get tired I’m going to just keep making shirts,” Baldwin said.

She showed me the process and let me stamp a design, or two on a shirt.

Choir Director Dena Holley believes the community will catch the vision.

“It’s a big deal when parents get involved, especially when they bring their talents, creativity, and energy, it gets everyone else excited, that’s what I’m hoping for, that Sam ‘s energy, excitement, and generosity will spread, with the t-shirts she started, we had situations where people bought t-shirts but game more money for the choir,” Holley said.

Viking Voices members like the style of the shirts.

“Rock t-shirts have become very popular and I thought that was a great idea, and now that it’s becoming a bigger deal than I thought it would be I think it’s an amazing idea,” said Lana Baldwin.

“Personally, I’m really big into bands and I like almost every band t-shirt, so I love the idea of it,” said Jayda Hale.

Up until four years ago, there wasn’t even a choir at the North Pontotoc Attendance Center, but since it started back up it’s grown every year and the Grateful Vikings fundraiser can be a big boost to students who work so hard through the year to showcase their talents.

For information on how you can get a Grateful Vikings shirt, go to the Grateful Vikings Facebook page, or Samantha Baldwin’s Facebook page

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