Porch pirates on the hunt: Your holiday gifts could be their next target

GOLDEN TRIANGLE REGION, Miss. (WCBI) – Your holiday gifts should be hitting your doorstep soon. But so could package thieves.

West Point Police Chief Avery Cook said there are a few things you can do to make sure your package reaches your hands and not a porch pirate’s.

“Inform your neighbor. If that company offers to track, track that package from the time it leaves their company till it arrives there, and if you’re not at home to get that package, have somebody come and secure it for you,” said Cook.

In the unfortunate case that your holiday gifts don’t make it inside your home, Cook said to calm down and track your package again.

“Sometimes, we have had packages delivered to the wrong address. So, once you’ve verified that your package was delivered to you, immediately contact law enforcement and let us start an investigation on it. Because if you have expensive items that are missing, anything over $1,000 is a felony offense. And we can come out and investigate it and check the area and check the neighbors and stuff and see how can we help you locate your belongings,” said Cook.

A last piece of advice…

“Stay vigilant this time of the year. Stay looking out for you and your neighbors,” said Cook.

Remember to buy insurance on your expensive packages when given the option.

It can offer peace of mind and compensation if your package is lost, damaged, or stolen.

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