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ABERDEEN, Miss. (WCBI)-If you live in Aberdeen, and are under the age of 18, the Police Chief wants you at home by 8 o’clock on week nights and 10 o’clock on the weekends.

Henry Randle recently made that recommendation to the Board of Aldermen. They are reviewing it.

Aberdeen is known for its historic homes and friendly residents, but Aberdeen police chief Henry Randle wants to implement a new curfew to help lower crime in his city.

With recent break-ins at homes and businesses, Murray Blanchard says the changes could make it easier for police to catch criminals.

“I feel like it will help out a lot then they can see who’s out doing what because a lot of things that are going on dealing with a lot of young people . Young people need to learn how to stay in their places,” says Murray Blanchard.

Chief Randle’s new proposal is meant to enforce higher penalties for Juveniles and their parents. One resident says this new curfew could have a positive impact on the town of Aberdeen.

“What he’s doing is a very good thing. I mean it’s positive. Anything that keeps the kids safe and keeps them in school is positive,” says Shanda Whitfield.

As a teacher in the Aberdeen school system, Shanda Whitfield has seen young people getting into trouble. As a mother of an 8-year old son, Shanda couldn’t be happier.

“As a parent, I wouldn’t have my child out past curfew anyway because point blank it’s just safe for them to be inside and it keeps them out of trouble. Keeps them from doing all this other stuff that kids should not be involved in,” says Whitfield.

The current curfew, which has been on the books since 19-96, requires young people to be at home by 10-PM Sunday through Thursday, and midnight on Friday and Saturday.

The new curfew would require children to be home 2 hours earlier each night.

“Eight and ten is a tough time you know. Especially since you’re coming out of summer into the fall and the days are longer. So maybe something intermediate like a nine and eleven, I would be fond of,” says Curly Sims.

Even though Curly Sims sees the benefits of the curfew, he believes some Aberdeen residents will have a hard time adjusting.

“There are going to be some people that are going to be upset by it particularly the young and those that are not into mischief,” says Sims.

Chief Randle also wants to increase fines for curfew violations. The Aberdeen Board of Alderman is expected to take up the matter at their July 2nd meeting.

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