Preservation Society of Columbus taking over Pilgrimage program

COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) – The preservation Society of a Columbus is taking over the 2022 pilgrimage program and using historical assets to increase tourism.

The Preservation Society is a group of community members, such as homeowners and business people, and it’s the first year the organization is putting together the pilgrimage events.

Pilgrimage 2022 is expected to be more inclusive for young children and adults to learn the history and culture through special events.

The Society says this is an opportunity to build Columbus’ economic strength and preserve the city’s early American history.

“Every community has to play to its strengths and use whatever assets help drive economic development. Columbus has a rich history and many historical assets that can be used to bring people in town, expose them to what we’re doing, and get them excited about the community. The second part of that is the value of just learning about history. What all happened in our community? Who was here? What did they do? How did they treat people? Teaching our kids about that so they know where they’re from and help guide them to the future,” said Jeremy Clay, volunteer.

For information on upcoming events, use the contact information below:

contact number: 662-368-2503



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