Project to Improve Blackjack Road is Encountering some Setbacks

STARKVILLE, Miss. (WCBI)- A new project in Starkville is encountering some setbacks.

The aim is to improve the highly traveled Blackjack Road.

The plan is to widen the road, fix the ditches and overall make the road safer, but some residents that live on Blackjack have some reservations.

For residents in Starkville and MSU students, change could soon be on the horizon for a heavily traveled and dangerous road.

“This Blackjack project has been on the to-do list for years, and we finally got to a point where the state economic highway development fund, put $3 million up and the county has put $4 million up. That’s a long process to actually get to this point,” said Rob Roberson.

But the plan is suffering a few setbacks.

The goal is to widen Blackjack Road but to do that residents need to let the county use some of their property.

“We are in need of the residents that live along Blackjack road to cooperate and give us the easement agreement once we get those agreements in place we can get started,” said Joe Williams.

For many residents, this project is a necessity. New apartment development along Blackjack Road is causing an increase in traffic.

With the crowded conditions, more people are noticing how hazardous the road can be.

“There are places that are hilly a little rough, but the shoulders are too low that if you come off and someone’s going to end up getting hurt,” said Roberson.

Attorney Rob Roberson says he thinks he knows one reason why some people haven’t signed off on the project.

“People are afraid of that change. It’s very uncomfortable when you feel like you’re gonna lose your property or you’re gonna lose control of your property, or maybe the trees will be cut down. Those are things that put a lot of people in fear, and I think fear is the enemy here,” said Roberson.

Both Roberson and Joe Williams want to talk to residents to help them with their concerns.

“The main things that we want these residents, and I’m talking to these residents is please if you have concerns about this contact me contact one of your supervisors we want to work with you we don’t want to hurt you or try to help you,” said Roberson.

Work on Blackjack road could begin as early as spring of next year depending on if the county is able to get the easements.

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