Rainy Start to the week


TONIGHT: Scattered showers and storms are possible throughout the evening hours. Clouds will stick around as well. With the late night showers and overcast skies gives a chance for fog to form during the dusk hours. A low of 71 is expected.

SUNDAY: More scattered thunderstorms in the morning till the early afternoon. Temperatures will be around 82, feeling cooler than what we are used to this time of year! Still fairly muggy thanks to daytime heating.

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SUNDAY NIGHT:A stray isolated storm may appear. Most of the area will not have a chance of rain but the clouds with stick around overnight. A low of 70 is expected.

MONDAY- FRIDAY: We start off the week with fairly high rain chances. Although, as the week progresses that chance of rain will decrease. After the cold front passes, our temperatures will cool off to the mid 80s. Don’t be fooled though, that humidity is not going anywhere. Make sure to have a raincoat and umbrella handy all week, you may encounter a pop-up storm!

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