Reducing absenteeism: Positive Period visits Shannon Middle

SHANNON, Miss. (WCBI) – Attendance in middle and high schools can decrease if pre-teens and teenage girls don’t have adequate feminine products during their time of the month.

Positive Period has set out the change that.

The organization gave away over 100 bags of feminine hygiene products at Shannon Middle School.

Lexi Senter is the co-founder of the organization.

She said their care bags are just one small item that can help schools curb absenteeism during special times of the month for middle-school-aged girls.

“Our mission with Positive Period is to ensure that no young individual has to miss out on the part of their education or any part of their life just because they don’t have access to adequate period products. It’s been so moving for us and for these young people to see that they have a community of people coming together who not only care about them but care enough to help provide for these very real and very personal needs,” said Senter.

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