Remember A Music Legend


Thursday morning the world of music lost a man known as the meanest saxophone player that ever lived.

Ace Cannon passed away early Thursday morning.

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Leaving fans reminiscing about his life and legacy.

Iconic Saxaphone player Ace Cannon played his way into the hearts of all music lovers across the world.

“Ace was a very revered Citizen. Everybody knows him. Every time we see him he knows you and you know him. We’re going to miss him,”said Calhoun City Mayor Amye Hill.

His sudden passing is rocking his hometown of Calhoun City.

“He was in here standing right there two days ago, I was helping them get some tea and today I woke up and I said he passed it was sort of a shock,”

Ace started his music career in the 1950s and had been playing ever since.

Landing in the International Rocakbilly Hall of Fame, Memphis Music Hall of Fame, and Mississippi Musicians hall of fame.

Calhoun City resident and long time friend to Ace, Hal Reese Junior says he will never forget when the two met.

“My first encounter with Ace. We had some real good musicians around here during that time. Brian, Martin, and Harvey played together. I’d go down there and listen to them, this is early 50s. Brian said tomorrow we’re going to the Red and White Store. We want you to meet the sax player that’s coming in and going to play for us. I made sure I was there on time. Here comes this pick up down the road. He had a pair overalls on and a saxophone around his neck. He jumped out of the truck ran in. That was my first time meeting him he played well,” said Longtime friend Hal Reese.

Cannon lived in Memphis for many years during his career and moved back to Calhoun City in the 80s. where he became a regular at places like Buck’s gas station.

“He used to hang around the round table he always gave us plenty of knowledge. He was an avid golfer. Of course, we always had to hear about his golf game every day. I played many rounds of golf with him,” said Business owner John Langford.

People who enjoyed Ace’s friendship as well as his music says he will truly miss his friend.

“I can’t think of nobody offhand who didn’t like him if you asked them to do anything for you he would. Everybody loves Ace and he loves Calhoun city “
“I did get to see them every month and have a good conversation with them every month and I miss those conversations”
“He just a legend around here he always has been and always will be” 

Funeral arrangements are under way.

Ace was 84 years old.