Restaurant officials are searching for employees

Some businesses are looking to replace summer workers who have headed back to school

COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI)- Labor shortages are still an issue around the country, and around the block.

Some businesses are looking to replace summer workers who have headed back to school; while others still haven’t been able to get back up to pre-pandemic staffing. Zachary’s is just one of several restaurants trying to bring more people on board.

Owner Doug Pellum made a status on Facebook last week trying to get more people in the door, and so far it has worked.

“During the summer you have everybody out of school so it’s a lot easier to maintain the staffing levels that’s comfortable for your business then when fall hits and the fall semester kicks in; then those people that were available 12 shifts a week in our case may drop down to five or even six,” said general manager Dow Ford.

Ford said they try to keep about 15 people per shift for the front of the house. Zachary’s owner Doug Pellum made a Facebook post encouraging any and all help.

The post received a lot of traction for the restaurant.

“Something that obviously was not available early in my career but I don’t think you can put a value on how much difference that does make, you get just like in anything else social media wise you get the word out much much quicker and in this case it has paid off for us,” said Ford.

That status not only got dozens of shares; it got some people to fill out applications.

The fall is one of the busier seasons for the restaurant so they’re hopeful that those who apply to get hired and stay for a while.

“We’ve been really pleased with the response that we’ve gotten out of it now we’re still in the middle of the interviewing process, we haven’t been able to get to everyone just yet but I would like to say that it is contrary to what a lot of people say, people, do want to work or at least in the case of what we see here,” said Ford.

They are hiring for all positions so anyone looking for a job is encouraged to stop by and fill out an application.

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