School decides to learn remotely after rise in COVID numbers

LAMAR COUNTY, Ala. (WCBI) -Lamar county schools have decided to switch to at home learning starting from last Thursday until Tuesday the 18th.

They decided that this was the safest plan after there was a surge of COVID-19 numbers in the area last Monday and Tuesday.

Teachers prepared their students with pencil and paper packets with previous learning material that they have been learning before.

Superintendent Vance Herron says that he understands face to face learning is important and they are trying to do as much as they can to follow guidelines to keep their students and staff safe.

“There’s no replacement of a teacher being face to face we all know that and understand that and we will come back to our classrooms on Tuesday and work extra hard and get them caught up on anything that they may have missed. It’s trying on everybody’s and mental health but most importantly its making people sick, ” said Herron.

Herron also requests that if a child is sick parents should keep them at home to avoid from other students to get sick.

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