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LOWNDES COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI)- Lowndes County School superintendent Lynn Wright is thrilled with the district’s performance. They received a “B” again this year. It’s a higher B than they got before.

“Lowndes County School District has been a good school district for many years and we’re so thrilled that we’re making progress and our intent is for us to continue to move forward,” said Wright.

The district as a whole improved tremendously.

“In some of our schools we’ve improved 16 points, 20 points, the district has improved 16 points so every school in the district improved over last years scores,” said Lowndes County Assistant Superintendent Peggy Rogers.

From curriculum to attitude, district leaders tell us they looked at various components within their district to improve the quality of education for each child.

“We looked at federal programs, we looked at the staff and by looking at the staff and pulling out those key components to impact student achievement had a lot to do with it,” said Rogers.

West Lowdnes High School’s principal Charles Jackson witnessed the transformation first hand.

“For 3 years prior to this past year, we were a failing school. We raised our scores by a total of 31 points, QDI scores and we were the only H.S. In the county that showed growth now that’s a moving target and it’s very hard to make and we’re very fortunate we were able to show growth that the State and federal government require,” said Jackson.

Jackson believes a proper mindset is the key to success: letting teachers, students and parents know there is a reward for high achievement. Even after the exams were over, Jackson held on to that philosophy.

“I made them a promise. That if they scored advanced or proficient on one for the test I’d send them to six flags over Georgia and Saturday the 14th, we’ll be sending 690 of the 122 tested to six flags over Georgia because they scored at least an advanced or proficient on one or more test,” said Jackson.

Superintendent Wright also tells us it isn’t over. They’re striving to achieve an “A” letter grade next year. As for neighboring towns, Oxford School District received an A, Starkville School District

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