Video: Schools Offering Summer School

LOUISVILLE, Miss. (WCBI)- It happens, students sometimes miss their mark.

Summer school has always been an option, but some districts no longer offer that alternative, and the Louisville Municipal School District happens to be one of them.

“In my opinion we need a summer school program that would allow students to retake a course and have really really good teachers in the summer school program to be able to pay them to come back in a re teach it again,” said Ella Smith, director of alternative education for the Louisville Municipal School District.

Smith has worked in the district since 2007, and said summer school has never been offered during her tenure.

“The money is there that we can have some summer programs going on, but not to the extent of a program that will go all summer, that will provide them what they need,” said Smith.

Smith believes the summer courses would be beneficial for students.

“Because the child is going to end up suffering more than anybody, when they’re being held back and they’re peers are able to go on, that could cause them to have anxiety,” she said.

However, students can take advantage of an online Credit Recovery Program.

“This program is for students who have not been successful with meeting the standard or mastering the course work during the school year,” said Smith.

But students must first meet specific guidelines.

“Two requirements, they can’t have below a 50, and they can only take two classes, two is the most they can take with a summer,” said Smith.

The credit recovery program is only for high schoolers.

In grades K through eighth, the district has intervention programs for students.


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