Search continues for Montevious Goss in Louisville

It's been just over two weeks since the disappearance of a teen in Louisville

LOUSIVILLE, Miss. (WCBI) – It’s been just over two weeks since the disappearance of a teen in Louisville.

Montevious Goss has not been seen since January 11, 2023.

Law enforcement and the family believe they are making steps in the right direction to get him home.

“We don’t know exactly what happened but in heart, we really believe that he’s alright,” said Mitchell Crouther, the uncle of Goss.

Goss was reported to have been sitting on a cooler outside of his uncle’s home waiting on a ride to school.

Crouther said it’s been a difficult time for the family, but they’ve been hard at work to find Goss and bring him home.

“It put a standstill to everything for the whole family ever since that day the immediate family hasn’t gone to work nobody has done anything but search every lead that we get,” said Crouther.

Crouther said he and the family are working with law enforcement and other agencies in the search.

Chief Sean Holdiness said that some answers could hopefully be found in Goss’s phone.

“In the last week, we have turned the phone over to the state attorney general’s office, their cybercrime unit and since then we have gotten more assistance from the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation and the Federal Bureau of Investigation,” said Holdiness.

Both the chief and the family said they have run into the same issue of false information that has led them to different counties.

“Either we follow up on it as a family ourselves or the police department will follow up on it, but all information that comes in we’ve been checking it out but the only bad part about that is we have a lot of false information that’s being provided,” said Crouther.

After nearly two and a half weeks Crouther said the family hasn’t lost hope for Montevious.

“All of us are in high spirits that he’ll be returned home safely whether it be on his own will or somebody tells us exactly what happened we’re just staying optimistic that something is going to come out positive,” said Crouther.

If anyone you know has any information that could help lead to finding Goss, you’re encouraged to call the Louisville Police Department or reach out to a family member.

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