Sen. Wicker On McDaniel’s Refusal To Concede Four Years Ago

NEW ALBANY, Miss. (WCBI) – Mississippi Senator Roger Wicker says it has been a productive 14 months since President Donald Trump took office. The Republican lawmaker made a stop in New Albany and also talked about his re-election campaign and how Chris McDaniel’s plans to run for Senator Cochran’s seat could impact the GOP.

Campaign speeches are not allowed at the Rotary Club of New Albany, so Senator Wicker steered clear of any references to  Chris McDaniel, who was Wicker’s challenger, until a few days ago.  That’s when the state senator said he would switch races and run for Senator Thad Cochran’s seat, who is retiring next month.

“What I said when that announcement was made is that Gayle and I are going to keep campaigning like we always have, so far, Senator McDaniel has not exactly filed his papers to remove his name from the ballot so until that happens we have no choice but to proceed on,” Sen. Wicker said.

Senator Wicker says McDaniel’s refusal to concede four years in a close race with Senator Cochran could be an issue this time around.

“I think questions will be asked about that and as I go around the state people do mention the fact that the aftermath of the election four years ago was such a turn off,” Wicker said.

Senator Wicker  says going forward in his campaign, he plans to stress his conservative voting record, his efforts to push President Trump’s agenda and his support for strengthening the military.

“I’m also the author of the SHIPS Act, which says we need to rebuild our NAVY and we need to rebuild 355 ships because the admirals and generals tell us that’s what we need to keep our country safe,” the senator said.

Senator Wicker plans to also tout his support of the tax relief bill, and his votes to secure the border as he prepares for the June primary.

Senator Wicker also faces challenges from several Democrats for his senate seat.

There is also a third Republican in the June primary for Wicker’s senate seat, Richard Boyanton is a businessman from the coast and a decorated veteran.

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