Several agencies carry out emergency response drill at MSU

MISSISSIPPI STATE, Miss. (WCBI) – When it comes to emergencies that require different agencies to work together, it’s always helpful if they can also train together.

That was the idea driving an exercise on the Mississippi State University campus today.

The 47th Civil Support Team of the Mississippi National Guard, working with MSU Police, University leaders, and the MSU Crisis Action Team carried out a drill based on a potential emergency scenario around Davis Wade Stadium.

MSU personnel say drills like this get everyone on the same page *before* they’re needed, and that helps things run smoothly if the worst happens.

“So, it’s a really great time, in the Summer, to think in advance of scenarios we hope will never happen. The most common scenarios are severe weather, but there are any number of situations that could benefit from advanced training, and so that’s what we’re doing today,” said Allison Matthews, MSU Crisis Action Team.

The drills are conducted in Summer because there are fewer students on campus, and responders can also train in extreme weather conditions.

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