Several burglaries have taken place in the golden triangle

WEBSTER COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI) It’s been a long month for law enforcement agencies and small-town business owners.

While the holidays are a time for giving for most, for others they become a time for taking.

In Webster County, Sheriff David Gore said he is seeing a pattern to the burglaries.

“When it comes to burglaries, we found out most of the crimes were related to drugs,” said Sheriff Gore.

And one drug is driving most of the activity

“Here in Webster County, methamphetamine, we have isolated the problem with methamphetamine. We came up with a plan and concentrated on that, and we were correct in our assumptions that the burglaries were all tied to methamphetamine,” said Sheriff Gore.

The sheriff believes if harsher punishments were handed down and enforced, it would help lower the crime rate.

“I know the House Bill 585 is at the dead center of that, and until the legislature and the lieutenant governor, governor all get in line with this, and I have talked to some and they realize that changes need to be made. The sentencing laws for something that is considered a violent crime is fifty percent for murder and that is ridiculous, when I first came here, we would take people to Rankin, and they would beat us back”

Chief Deputy J.C. Smith offered some advice for business owners.

“Cameras are the number one thing that we use, we always tell people to put cameras on their property. We always have a very high success rate of catching and prosecuting suspects who have stolen from places with cameras,” says. Smith

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