Several families camp at Lake Lowndes for Memorial Day weekend

COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI)- It is a holiday tradition for many families.

“Memorial Day is coming up, and we have great food,” said Nancy Wright, Lake Lowndes Camper. “We are just going to have a fun time out here enjoying the beautiful weather.”

Christy Tracey is a camper at Lake Lowndes State Park. She said coming to the campground for the holidays, is the perfect getaway for her family.

“We love being outside camping, being outdoors, and spending time with family,” said Tracey. “It is a lot nicer than being locked up in a house.”

With the rise of technology, Tracey knows most children prefer to stay inside. She said that this is a great way to get her children a taste of the outdoors.

“They are not inside playing games,” said Tracey. “They ride their bikes, and they have been discovering the cicadas.”

Lake Lowndes Campers said they enjoy the experience they get from camping.

“It is fun hanging out with friends, you are not just stuck inside here,” said camper Izaiah Crews. “You actually get to get out and touch some grass.”

“It is a lot more fun here to be doing that,” said Brandon Crews, Lake Lowndes Camper. “Here we get to be outside and stay outside instead of staying inside all day.”

Many families are planning to stay at Lake Lowndes State Park until Monday evening.

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