Several Thousands Worth Of Recovered Stolen Property In Webster County

WEBSTER COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI) – Thousands of dollars in stolen property is recovered in Webster County, after a recent burglary spree.

As of now, three men have been arrested in connection to those burglaries.

The sheriff’s department has an active warrant out for another suspect, who is tied to burglaries in another county.

Since last Tuesday, a rash of burglaries has plagued Webster County.

Investigator Landon Griffin says they all had the same M.O.

“Bust out a window and go in the house, take something from the residence, and leave out the front door. One residence, we found a big rock that was just thrown through the window the front window,” says Webster County Investigator Landon Griffin.

Three men have been arrested in connection to the break-ins.

Connecting the dots in burglaries is something Griffin says doesn’t always happen.

“There’s not really a great success rate with solving home burglaries. It’s just because you don’t, your person is not at home. You don’t have a lot to go on except what’s missing. You hope you just luck up and have somebody give you some information on it.”

Which is what happened in this situation.

“We got a call of a suspicious person and from that, it stemmed to a traffic stop on that suspicious person, and we located some of the stolen property from a home burglary. Well of course, that led to another home burglary and then when it’s all said and done, I believe we had four and I think Eupora the city had one from that one incident,” says Webster County Chief Deputy Jeff Mann.

Mann says deputies have also recovered items linked to thefts in Choctaw County.

The sheriff’s department has an active warrant out for suspected burglar, J.L. Palmertree.

“We were able to recover a lot of the property. We got a tip on one of our locals and we went to the home and so far, we’ve recovered a golf cart, a four-wheeler, and some, right now, just some tractor parts. We’re hoping will keep on it and find the actual tractor.”

Mann and Griffin want to encourage everyone to document their valuables, take pictures, and record serial numbers.

They say thieves like to disguise things they steal.

“The person who stole it, a lot of times they’ll paint the vehicles. Especially, four-wheelers, things of that nature, and once they get it, if it was an orange four-wheeler, well, they’re going to paint it black, or you know, they try to disguise it, so you know, just riding by, you don’t see the orange four-wheeler and immediately wonder you know question them about it.”

If anyone has any information on these cases or knows the whereabouts of Palmertree, contact the sheriff’s department.

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