Six-year-old girl being called hero after saving mom’s life


COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI)- Six-year-old Jasmine Walters knew just what to do when her mother suddenly lost consciousness this past weekend.

She called for help.

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Dozens of calls come into the Columbus Lowndes Emergency 911 center everyday.

However, on Saturday, this particular call stood out.

On one end was Lowndes County Dispatcher Kim Powell, and on the other was Walters.

“Well I remember when I first answered the phone, I heard a sweet little voice say hey, and I knew it was a kid,” said Powell, Lowndes County 911 Dispatcher. “I asked her where her mother was, that’s when she told me it was a medical call and she needed help, so I knew I needed to get someone to her really quick.”

It was around seven o’clock at night when the call came in.

Jasmine was at home and noticed her mom was passed out on the floor suffering from seizures, but instead of panicking, the six-year-old quickly jumped and called 911.

“At first when I fell to the floor all I know is she said give me your phone,” said Tesheeba Billups, Jasmine’s mom.  “I really didn’t know that she would call 911, I thought she would probably call my sister or something, but she called 911 and told them the address and everything.”

“She was completely brave,” described Powell. “Never cried, never whimpered, she sounded like an adult talking on the phone. She was very very calm, we do not get that from most callers that call 911.”

Once help arrived, Billups was rushed to Baptist Memorial Hospital to be treated for her seizures.

“If it wasn’t for her I probably wouldn’t be here today,” Billups expressed.

Both Jasmine and Billups are still emotional from the incident.

On Monday, the Columbus Police and Fire Departments, along with the 911 dispatchers, showered the kindergartner with lots of love and gifts, thanking her for being a hero, and handling the call and situation with such courage and grace.

“It was very emotional, but I just wanted Jasmine to understand just how brave and how courageous she really was,” said Powell. “Her mother is here today because of her and I really hope she understands how precious she is to all of us now.”

“I’m really thankful because how life is right now, it’s so much going on but my daughter, she’s just a hero right now,” said Billups.

After she made the phone call, Jasmine also went to check on her sister and nine month old brother to make sure they were alright.

Aside from being a hero, the six-year-old said she enjoys singing, dancing, and playing with her toys

Lowndes County Dispatchers stressed the importance of parents making sure their kids know their address and how to call 911 in case an emergency situation ever occurs.