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WINONA, Miss. (WCBI) — It looks like a Winona father and son are barking up the right tree with their mobile hot dog business.

A new mobile food cart rolls into downtown Winona, and on the streets of the Montgomery County town a father and his son are serious about feeding dogs — hot dogs, that is.

“The hot dog is a blank canvas and you can put anything, you know you just build from there,” said Gary Howard, Jr. with Small Time Hot Dogs.

This may be a small time hot dog business, but they are big on relationship building with the people who bite their dogs. That could just be the reason why Howard and his son are expanding.

“I had to get my son up here from Louisiana to come help. Now we have two of these carts and we’re going to be buying a third one probably this week,” said Howard.

“Somebody comes by and they are like you’ll got the alligator sausage today,” said Howard’s son Gary.

After all, the Howard men originally come from Louisiana, where gator meat is more readily received.

“I got a Bam Dog and I come, I don’t know every two to three weeks maybe. It’s very good. I’ve got a friend that tried it though, she said it was pretty good,” said Amy Blaylock with Kilmichael.

Not just gator dogs, other items are on the menu, including a good sense of humor from two men that are dog tired at the end of a day.

“‘Cause you know you can get a hot dog anywhere, but what you are paying for is the service and the friendship. And even if you don’t come and eat and you just come and sit on the picnic table and you hang out. We’ll love you just the same,” said Gary.

The two men with their small time hot dog business are on the streets of Grenada as well.

Visit facebook.com/smalltimehotdogs for more information.

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