Smith Says City Will Not Seek Copy Of MBI Report On Ball Case



The findings of the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation into the Ricky Ball officer-involved
shooting case have been released to the Lowndes County District Attorney’s office. The
incident occurred on October 16, 2016.
Columbus Mayor Robert Smith confirmed Wednesday morning the release of the

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“As Mayor, I promised to keep the citizens of Columbus up-to-date on the
information concerning the Ricky Ball case.
I have confirmed this morning that the investigation of the case by the MBI has been
concluded. Those findings have been turned over to Scott Colom’s office of the
Lowndes County District Attorney.
The City of Columbus was not involved in the MBI investigation in any way. The city
called in MBI to investigate the shooting since the incident involved officers of the
Columbus Police Department.
We do not know and will not know the findings of the investigation until any
information is released to the general public. At this time, the case is in the hands of
the District Attorney’s office. We have not and will not ask for any indication of what
is contained in the investigative report.
The City has confidence in the justice system and knows that justice will prevail.
This is out of the hands of the City and in the hands of the District Attorney.
We will not be discussing any of the findings with the District Attorney in any way.
We know those results are confidential and will abide by those terms.”