Some Louisiana residents are still in Mississippi waiting for effects of Hurricane Ida to ease

For those along the coast of Mississippi and in Louisiana there are several problems after the storm that are continuing

COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI)- Hurricane Ida didn’t cause much if any damage in the Golden Triangle area however, for those along the coast of Mississippi and in Louisiana there were several problems after the storm that are continuing.

Maxine and Don Friendly have prepared to make the drive back home to Slidell Louisiana. The couple had stayed at the Hampton Inn in Columbus since Friday, August 27, 2021. They decided not to try to ride out Hurricane Ida at home, but it took some convincing from family to move farther inland.

“I’m proud to have children that love us and we trained them and I’m glad that they love us to be concerned about what happens to mom and dad,” said Don Friendly.

The Friendly’s know well the destruction a hurricane can bring. Their home was destroyed during Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

“We lost the whole entire house. We had four feet of water in our house and we lost everything we had to rebuild everything,” said Maxine Friendly.

Since then they built along Lake Pontchartrain in Louisiana, but now; Hurricane Ida has flooded the area.

“I got a text message from one of our friends that said they’re back at home they have a generator they are fine but the rest of the area like I said no lights,” said Maxine Friendly.

The Friendly’s hope they don’t have extensive damage this go-round but are prepared for the worst.

“Hopefully they just let us on just to see the house see if it’s water damage and we close it up and then we just go to Mobil until we’re able to go back home,” said Maxine Friendly.

“The airforce is prepared to take care of the insurance on the house. We have full insurance for flood insurance so we’re pretty much well taken care of we’re prepared to take care of our house,” said Don Friendly.

Hurricane Ida evacuees that talked to WCBI are placed all around the Golden Triangle with hopes to go home by the end of this week.

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