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By Jeff Amy/Associated Press
JACKSON – Water utilities are fighting the Public Service Commission’s proposal to allow victims of domestic abuse to hook up utilities without immediately paying deposits.

A number of water utility representatives testified against the measure at a Tuesday hearing, saying the commission doesn’t have authority to require them to grant such relief.

Their testimony is drawing a rebuke from Public Service Commissioner Brandon Presley. A Democrat who represents the Northern District on the three-member PSC, Presley backs the measure as a way to help people get out of dangerous situations.

Mississippi’s proposal is modeled after similar measures in Louisiana and Texas. It would allow people certified as victims by certain agencies to delay paying deposits for 60 days.
Commissioners say they will consider comments before voting on the rule.

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  • Annie Sheahan

    Hear! Hear! Thank you, Mr. Presley, for standing as a beacon of hope for the victims abused by those who profess their love; as they beat them bloody! It is imperative that the transition, from victim to survivor, be made as quickly as possible thus empowering the one abused, with positive feelings of self – worth, respect, identity – I am appalled that a utility company would place the monetary value of a cash deposit, over the physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being of a member of the community! Then again, they aren’t looking at the bigger picture; because, in the long run, they would now have an additional source of revenue, another property from which an additional utility payment is now being made! Instead the utility company, in their quest for their own 30 pieces of silver (or dollars); are unwittingly, unknowingly, and/or subconsciously perpetuating a cycle that needs to end.

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