Spring Break Expo introduces students to an inspiring man

COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI)- A Columbus organization is using spring break as a chance to offer fun activities for students while introducing them to leaders in their community.

‘One Columbus Community Group’ is hosting the Spring Break Expo this week.

Youth in the area are able to participate in workshops, dance classes, drama classes, kickball games, talent show, and more.

Students also have the opportunity to hear from motivational speakers this week.

Monday’s speaker is Mack Arthur Turner, an attorney from Ole Miss Law school who had to get his GED after being forced to drop out of the 9th grade.

“My story is basically GED to JD but a lot of the things in terms of issues involving law enforcement and authority, I’ve dealt with that. Being in alternative schools a lot of things, a lot of bad decisions that I’ve made, fortunately, I was able to learn from them and turn a negative into a positive,” says Turner. “So that’s really my story. The main reason why I’m here today is to try to talk to kids about it -it’s not too late- even if you make bad mistakes or hiccups along the way you can still change and do something that anyone in your family and your community will be proud of.”

There are two more expo events so it’s not too late to participate. There will be a ‘Fun Day’ event at Propst Park on Wednesday, March 14th from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM. Friday, March 18th, there will be a ‘New Beginning Church Youth Showcase’.

Contact  information is below:

Eric Thomas: 662-549-7905

Steven James: 662-251-4151

Tiffany Jefferson: 662-228-0821

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