Star of the show: Local Christmas tree farm gears up for holiday season

This year, Worthey Tree Farm tagged close to 1,100 trees in their lot

AMORY, Miss. (WCBI) – Christmas time is here and that means many people are decorating for the holiday season and some of the favorite holiday memories start with picking out a Christmas tree.

WCBI talked with a local Christmas tree farmer, Lowell Worthey, about what goes into growing a Christmas tree farm and to learn if the drought has affected this year’s crop.

“That’s what it is all about. A place where people can make memories,” Worthey said.

Worthey and his family started selling Christmas trees in 2010, but preparations for their harvest season started three years earlier.

Worthey said that having a tree farm is a commitment.

“It is like a five-year plan. You have to plan your field. You have to do all these soil samples and make sure the ground is okay to grow trees on. You have to do all that so it takes a great effort to kind of get it started,” Worthey said.

Like any crop, the weather plays a big role in the outcome, and this year’s drought has caused the farm to lose several trees.

“It really has. We have been watering trees since July and August and we have probably lost a couple of feed or rows this year. It does affect a lot because those trees drink a lot,” Worthey said.

This year, Worthey Tree Farm tagged close to 1100 trees in their lot. So far, business has been steady, and soon they’ll be wrapping things up.

“We’re actually now in our downward motion now because we have already done most of our business already. This next weekend will probably be it really for the Christmas trees,” Worthey said.

While the holiday season goes by faster each year, Worthery says having a place to create memories for families is worth every tree they plant.

“It’s all about the family. Even all the families that come to our farm. We take care of these trees for 5 or 6 years ahead of time. We baby these trees and try to make them beautiful trees for each family but when they come out to the farm and get to be together that’s the best time for me because that is what it is all about,” Worthey said.

Depending on inventory, the farm usually operates until the week before Christmas.

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