Starkville Fire Safety Training

STARKVILLE, Miss. (WCBI)—Saturday you could see smoke rising as you pass by Starkville Fire station three but not to worry the Fire department was hosting an event to give back to the community.

Being a fire fighter is a tough and rewarding job, so much goes into saving lives and fire fighters must remain calm in tough situations.

A firefighter is a rescuer that’s extensively trained. Saturday The Starkville fire department held a community exposition to get the community involved and give them a realistic glimpse into what everyday life is like for a firefighter.

Griffen McCarter attended today’s event he says,” I busted a window out and got to put out a fire.”

The days event was fun for the community and the firefighters were able to demonstrate several important safety techniques for everyone in attendance. That inculdes repelling from a building,fire truck safety and the proper way to extinguish a fire.

Fire Chief Yerbrough say,”this was uhh one of our way uhhh getting the community involved letting them see what we do how we do it and uhhh and letting them know we don’t just sit at the station all day.”

This was the first community exposition the station has had but trainings sessions are very familiar to The starkville fire department. Chief Charles Yerbrough says it’s training saves lives.

“If you don’t train you lose it so you forget what your doing so we stay trained up and we have a good training officer probably one of the best training departments in the state, ” Chief Yerbrough said.

The training firefighters go through is very difficult but Starkville Firefighter Chase Taylor says it’s all worth it once your in the situation.

Starkville Firefighter Chase Taylor says,” the biggest thing is when we come into the situation acclimate to the heat.. and we train in the heat and we keep our heads right in the heat soo uhh biggest thing is understanding how fire works and being able to keep calm in the situation and handle it appropriately.”
The Starkville fire department responds to about 65 fires every year and they plan on continuing educating the community by hosting an annual community exposition.

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