Starkville hosts 39th annual “Frostbite” run/walk

This year's race will benefit a national charity based in Starkville, called the "Catch A Dream Foundation."

STARKVILLE, Miss. (WCBI) – Some ran. Some walked. This year’s Frostbite in Starkville saw runners on their mark early Saturday morning, with their eyes on the finish line.

Run Coordinator Brad Jones, said this race is for seasoned runners and beginners.

“We got our 39th annual frostbite race, it’s a marathon, a 10k, a 5k and so it has something for everybody. This is the 9th year that me and my current race director have continued to put it on, and it has continued to grow every year,” said Brad Jones.

Jiles Jones came in first place in the 5k run, he said this race was a great way to improve his running skills.

“This race is a really fun event; I enjoy running it every single year,” Jiles Jones said. “This is my fifth time running it, and my goal was to win. I just wanted to go out with a good pace and try and hold back because I knew some people would go out faster than they could hold, so it was just a fun race and I had a good time. It was also a good experience to be able to win it.”

5k runner Hunter Coleman said “Frostbite” is an opportunity to challenge herself.

“I am just real competitive, so I like to do races and try and beat my time every year, it does not always happen, but sometimes it does,” said Coleman.

Coleman had some advice for those who are unsure about running in the race.

“If you want to run, and don’t think that you can, you definitely can. Running is fun and there is always someone running next to you that will encourage you, and push you to do better,” said Hunter Coleman

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