Starkville PD releases info on Cotton District incident


STARKVILLE, Miss. (WCBI) – Starkville Police released details Monday afternoon regarding a fight at the Bin 612 bar in the Cotton District when the business was closing for the night due to severe weather.

Audio from the 911 call was released Monday on the Starkville Police Department’s Facebook page.

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“Bin 612 advised they’re trying to close the business and there’s approximately 100 people trying to fight security from leaving the building and trying to stay inside at this time.”

Police also released a video from a public safety camera at the intersection of University Drive and Maxwell Street.

When police got to the bar, an officer saw a fight underway in intervened. Police say they had to use pepper spray on a man who was actively involved in a fight.

The video appears to show someone falling to the ground.

The man was later released by police after further investigation.

Bin 612 released a statement about closing due to severe weather saying in part “Due to these safety concerns, security personnel at five Cotton District area restaurants, including Bin 612, made the decision together to close at the same time before the potential tornado was to touch down in the immediate area in an effort to give patrons time to leave and find a safe space.”

To read their statement in click here.