Starkville PD targets crime with help of tech company

STARKVILLE, Miss. (WCBI) – In Starkville, a partnership between the police department and technology company Fūsus is transforming public safety.

Starkville Police Chief Mark Ballard said the collaboration allows businesses and residents to register their cameras with the police department, creating a network of digital eyes throughout the community.

Those home and business security cameras, combined with the department’s own blinking blue and red cameras on corners, street signs, and traffic lights can bring crimes and criminals into better focus.

“Cameras are, when I say critical in reconstructing events, we’re not talking normal events. We’re talking about families that have lost loved ones who want answers, and rightfully deserve answers. And that’s what these cameras are able to provide,” said Ballard.

The camera registry allows law enforcement to quickly pinpoint the closest cameras when emergencies strike. This system replaces the old method of relying on eyewitnesses, significantly speeding up the investigation process.

Cameras in homes, businesses, and schools are being used to stop crimes before they even happen.

“Many times you see crimes take place, it’s not the apprehension that’s the hard part. It is the identification. If you can identify the vehicle involved, you’re gonna get the individual involved,” said Ballard.

While the system may provide significant advantages in crime prevention and investigation, the privacy and security of residents are paramount.

Camera owners have full control over their devices, and police access is restricted without explicit permission.

“Notify the Starkville Police Department that you have a camera system. We don’t have access to that but it’s letting us know so if an event occurs down the street, then we’re able to reach out to you and say please check your system. Cameras are there 24/7. They don’t get sick. Cameras are unbiased. They don’t get emotional. They want to provide extremely accurate information and not only for our investigators to see but for a jury to see,” said Ballard.

With these technological advancements, Starkville is setting a precedent for community-led public safety, balancing effective crime prevention and crucial privacy protections.

“Cameras are going to remain and grow in their importance for communities to be able to get the answers as we deal with public safety issues,” said Ballard.

Visit for direct steps on registering your camera.

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