Starkville’s Habitat for Humanity is helping others

Due to the rise of inflation, many people have found themselves dealing with food and housing insecurity.

STARKVILLE, Miss. (WCBI) – Some people just need a little extra help throughout the year. Starkville’s Habitat for Humanity Restore has been at the front of the fight to give that help.

“The store is a fundraiser campaign; we take things that people donate to us and we sell it,” said Starkville Habitat for Humanity Restore manager Zach Lott.

“We take anything from furniture, appliances, electronics, we get home improvement stuff like cabinet stores and light fixtures, we take most stuff except for clothes because we are not a clothing store, but we take stuff and dust it up and then sell it,” said Lott.

Zach Lott is the manager at Starkville’s Habitat for humanity restore. He says the help goes beyond furniture and appliances.

“Those proceeds go to housing for low-income families. Every March we have a process where we take applications and find a needy family and work with them and build them a house and put them in a nice home that they can afford,” said Lott.

Lott also says the housing is suitable for those who live in it.

“Safe housing, they don’t have to worry about rent, they have a mortgage but the mortgage we try and keep as low as we can, so it is a nice stable environment for the family because we often have families that we provide several homes for, that kind of thing,” said Lott.

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