State denies appeal of death row inmate Eddie Loden

Thomas Loden Jr.

MISSISSIPPI (WCBI)- The Mississippi Supreme Court is likely finished with the appeals of long time death row inmate Eddie Loden.

The states high court Thursday said it would not rehear its 2018 ruling which denied Loden’s argument that the execution drugs were not foolproof.

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Loden, who plead guilty to the 2000 kidnapping, rape and murder of 16 year old Leesa Marie Gray in Itawamba County, argued not enough proof existed that the drug midazolam would be painless in the execution process.

The Mississippi high court ruled Loden presented no evidence the drug would not work as intended.

This means unless Loden files a brand new appeal citing other issues the state is finished hearing any arguments.

Loden can now appeal to the Fifth Circuit Court and the U.S. Supreme Court.

The now 54 year old Loden is also part of a federal challenge to execution drug safety’s filed by death row inmates across the country.

Until those federal appeals are finalized, Mississippi cannot set an execution date for Loden.