Storm fatigue has set in for some residents in Clay County

It's spring time in Mississippi and severe weather has been in the forecast every week for the last month

CLAY COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI)- Storms hit Clay County a couple of weeks ago and folks are still trying to get themselves together as more storms are expected to be on the way. It’s spring time in Mississippi and severe weather has been in the forecast every week for the last month.

Teresa Henley’s home was hit by the tornado in Clay County and she was at work when she got the call about her home being hit.

“I thought everything was okay at my house but my children called me to come home and said I needed to go to the house and when I got there it was pure devastation,” said Henley.

With the risk of severe weather again in the forecast on Wednesday April 12, 2022; Henley said she’s anxious.

“I’m ready to get my house back in order, I’m ready to be home, I’m ready to be back in my comfort zone. It’s very devastating because this is the first time in my life I’ve been homeless for four days,”said Henley.

For Clay County EMA Director Torrey Williams, It’s been all gas and no brakes.

“A lot of the citizens they’re tired. They haven’t recuperated from the tornado that we had they haven’t even had time to pick up the pieces from that and then the next week you have another storm,” said Williams.

In the past couple of years Williams said he’d only dealt with river flooding during this season, but this year there’s more to it.

“Now it seems like it may have switched out from river flooding to severe weather, tornados, and possibly river flooding,” said Williams.

Trees and power lines are still down throughout Clay County and Williams encouraged folks to find their safe place for severe weather; For Henley, she said she’s looking up for her protection from storm.

“God is my safe place. People want me to leave my mobile home now that the storms are coming but I cant run. I could end up at your house and it hit there and mine be safe so you can’t run,” said Henley.

Williams also continued to encourage people to make sure they have more than one way of getting weather alerts.

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