The string of national mass shootings leave local families concerned about safety

Is your family aware of the situations happening across the country?

COLUBMUS, Miss. (WCBI)- Do you have a safe place to go during a mass shooting?

Is your family aware of the situations happening across the country?

It may be overwhelming to even think about these questions, let alone the answers.

” Unless this country really and truly makes some changes. We’re going to be in bad shape. It’s like no one has a value of life anymore,” said Haddix.

Oktibbeha County NAACP President Yulanda Haddix says enough is enough.

This comes following the recent string of mass shootings across the nation.

On May 14, 10 African Americans were killed, and three people were wounded in the Tops Friendly Market store in Buffalo, New York.

In the following days, there were incidents in Chattanooga, Philadelphia, Uvalde, Pittsburgh, and California.

Just this week, the House passed a gun control bill. It now heads to the Senate.

” Most of the time, people have guns at home. If you go to most people’s homes, they have enough firearms to fight an army,” said Haddix.

Haddix told WCBI that the growing concern of a shooting happening closer to home lingers in her mind.

And some Mississippians may be wondering, does the Magnolia State have a defense plan for citizens?

So, WCBI spoke to the Jackson Division Field Office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Special Agent-In-Charge Jermicah Fomby said all families are encouraged to use the Run, Hide, Fight method.

” This is very important for citizens to know and understand. When it comes to running, we want citizens to know their surroundings when they go to public places. Whether it’s a church, school, grocery store, or so forth. By knowing your surroundings, you can recognize your escape routes just in case something happens,” said Fomby.

Number two hides. Find a safe place to seclude yourself from the threat and silence your phone.
Lastly, fight if necessary.

” It is a way to disrupt, whether permanently, or temporarily get access of the who has come in and inflicted damage or attempted to inflict damage on citizens in a public place,” said Fomby.

Fomby said with the growing number of shootings in 2022, it may be time to discuss with your family.

” The racially-motivated violence is rising. The other forms of hate crimes are becoming more prevalent, and not just in rhetoric or ideology. It’s also an action that makes it the most dangerous. When the public is informed families can choose when the best time is to have those conversations with their loved ones. It’s important for protected classes as members of the LGBTQIA + community, as well as different races, ethnic groups, and religions, so they can be aware they can be potentially-targeted for situations. Even individuals that aren’t of a protective class should know they could become a target if they’re in that location during the situation. Our goal is to ensure they know what to be concerned about. We must be transparent,” said Fomby.

The FBI is actively working with the Chief’s and Sheriff’s Association of the State of Mississippi, as well as, other law enforcement agencies to design alert methods.

” Unless the country changes, and to get more people in a position to want change. Then, we’re not going to see change,” said Haddix.

Special Agent-in-Charge Fomby said to report any suspicious activity as it can prevent a situation from occurring.

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