Students worry about their safety after a Student is killed in Oxford

OXFORD, Miss. (WCBI) – After the tragedy that happened Sunday morning in Oxford, many Ole Miss students are being more cautious when going out.

A square is a popular place for students to go out and have a good time on the weekend but after a hit and run early Sunday Morning fewer people may be going out to join in on the fun.

And after multiple tragedies within the year students are starting to question their safety.

First-year student Brett Lampton says he usually feels safe in the town but he’s beginning to feel uneasy.

“This year I’ve noticed a lot more stuff like this has been happening and I don’t know what the reason is,” said Lampton.

Lampton and fellow student Lexi Cantrell say as word spreads of recent incidents, their parents are starting to worry too.

“They just tell me to stay safe and to act responsibly and look at situations and analyze them and do what you think is best and just try to stay out of trouble,” said Lampton.

“I texted my parents as soon as it happened and told them “I just wanted to text you guys and tell you I love you” just in case because you never know it’s so scary nowadays,” said Cantrell.

Other students like Hunter West say it’s heartbreaking to hear of things like this happening to fellow students.

“It shocks me that things like this do happen because people my age just losing their life because of what they just wanted to do one night is awful to hear about,” said West.

Some students say they are now planning on going out less out of fear for their safety

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